MomentText - A consulting firm working in the domain of Artificial Intelligence

We make human life simple by making machines smart

We are a team united by a common vision to make human life more meaningful. We believe that humans should do more intelligent tasks than simple copy and pasting.
We have worked in the domains of Finance , Legal and Transportation. Our collective experience is greater than 30 years.
All our members are graduates from top class institutes with an eye for perfection. We don't stop till we are able to meet the client expectations.
Time Management
We have finished all our projects before time. We belive in win-win situation for all

Our Team

co-founder momenttext

Nitin Bhardwaj


Nitin has 6 years of Analytics Consulting experience. He has extensive experience in Machine Learning namely text processing and image analytics. He is our go to guy for all things related to Machine Learning.

co-founder momenttext

Rohit Khandelwal


Rohit brings with him 6+ years of extrepreneurial experince. He knows how make things functional and is a master of many technologies.

co-founder momenttext

Akshey Singhal

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We have been successfully delivering projects across the global.


We have always made sure that the projects are delivered on time, everytime.


We abide by our core values of quality and have maintained that integrity throughout.

Client Priority

We have always put the needs of our clients first before anything.

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