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Case Study: Streamlining Negotiation Process for an FMCG Company

Redefining Negotiation Process for ecosystem success

Problem Statement In a typical fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) environment, negotiating the best price with distributors can be a long and tedious process involving several levels of approval. This process can happen multiple times a month, leading to significant time and resource wastage.

Solution Approach To address this challenge, we proposed an Azure Cloud-based solution that streamlines the negotiation process with the following key features:

Document Uploads: Our solution allows users to upload all relevant documents related to the negotiation process, such as distributor proposals and quotes, in a centralized repository.

Delegation Matrix for Approval: The system has a delegation matrix feature that defines a hierarchy of decision-makers and their roles in the negotiation process. The concerned person can route the documents to the right person based on the delegation matrix, making the approval process faster and more efficient.

Chat-like Interface for Negotiation: The system provides a chat-like interface that allows for seamless communication between the distributor and the concerned person. The interface captures the negotiation history and any agreements made during the process.

Benefits Our solution has the following benefits:

Efficiency: The streamlined process saves time and resources. The system allows for faster approvals and decision-making, reducing the overall negotiation time.

Improved Collaboration: The chat-like interface enables better communication and collaboration between the distributor and the concerned person. The interface captures all negotiation details, making it easier to track the progress of the negotiation.

Better Data Management: The solution provides a centralized repository for all relevant documents, making it easier to manage and track data related to the negotiation process.

Conclusion Our Azure Cloud-based solution provides a streamlined, efficient, and collaborative approach to the negotiation process in FMCG environments. The solution improves data management and enables faster decision-making, saving time and resources for FMCG companies. Ultimately, this leads to better profits and customer satisfaction.

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