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100% free alternative to chatGPT - HuggingChat by HuggingFace

Updated: May 11


HuggingFace has recently announced the release of HuggingChat, an early prototype interface powered by Open Assistant, which provides an open-source alternative to chatGPT.

The salient features the new chat interface powered by HuggingFace are -

  1. Privacy is a significant distinguishing feature of Hugging Chat - The platform only stores messages to display them to users and does not collect data for research or model training purposes. To use Hugging Chat, you don't even need an account with Hugging Face. However, if you want to keep your browser or chat history, you need to be careful with your cookies because if you clear your cookies or switch your browser, all your conversations will be lost.

  2. The interface is open-source - which means that you can copy it into another space and customize it to suit your needs. You can replace the model with another model or update the user interface. Hugging Chat is running in a space, and the code for the UI is open-source.

  3. The model used in Hugging Chat is Open Assistant, which is a 30 billion parameter model. The generated content may be inaccurate or false, according to the small disclaimer in the platform. This is because Hugging Chat is still in its early stage of development, and the model may not be great, but it's just the start.

  4. Hugging Chat provides the transparency regarding the model and the dataset used for training. You can click on the model page or the dataset link to view this information.

  5. Hugging Face stores different open-source models, which means that there is a possibility of having different apps in the platform. This also means that you can replace the model used in Hugging Chat with another model. Hugging Chat provides examples such as writing an email, which demonstrates its capabilities. It generates coherent content and even provides a title for your chat. The platform also provides a fast generation speed. In conclusion, Hugging Chat is an exciting development in providing a free and open-source alternative to chatGPT. The platform provides transparency, privacy, and customizability for users. The code for the UI is open-source, and you can replace the model with another model. Hugging Chat is still in its early stage of development, but it shows great potential for democratizing access to AI.

Here is link to play with HuggingChat - Let us know how it has changed your life in comments below.

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