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Case Study: Automated Recovery Platform for Debt Recovery Company

Multi Channel automated communication system for debt recovery

Introduction Our client was a debt recovery company that struggled with delinquent customers. They wanted a solution to automate the recovery process and send reminders to customers before they became delinquent. The goal was to reduce the time and effort required for manual intervention.

Problem Statement The client wanted an automated platform that could send reminders to customers using multiple channels, such as WhatsApp, SMS, and email. They wanted the system to work without any manual intervention, and allow customers to negotiate payment terms or amounts through the platform.

Solution Approach Our team designed an automated recovery platform that sends reminders to customers using multiple channels. The system would start with one channel, and if the reminder was not delivered, it would switch to the next channel until it was successfully delivered. Additionally, the platform had a built-in delegation matrix that allowed customers to communicate with the debt recovery company directly to negotiate payment terms or amounts.

Results The automated recovery platform helped the debt recovery company to streamline their debt recovery process and reduce the time and effort required for manual intervention. The system's multi-channel approach increased the probability of reaching the customer, reducing the likelihood of delinquency. The built-in delegation matrix improved customer experience by allowing customers to negotiate payment terms or amounts directly with the company, without requiring manual intervention.

Conclusion The automated recovery platform improved the debt recovery process for our client. The system's multi-channel approach and built-in delegation matrix streamlined communication between the company and customers, reducing operational costs and improving customer experience. Overall, the automated recovery platform helped our client to increase the success rate of debt recovery, reduce operational costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

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